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The IFS Food Standard is a standard recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) for auditing food manufacturers. It focuses on food safety and the quality of processes and products. The standard applies to food processors as well as to companies in which unpackaged food is packaged.

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The IFS Broker Standard applies to persons or companies, whether or not they own the Products, who typically do not take physical possession of the Products (e.g. who do not own warehouses, packing stations or fleets, but are legal entities with mailboxes, offices, etc.).

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IFS Logistics is a standard for auditing companies that carry out logistical activities with food and non-food products, such as transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, etc., in order to ensure that the IFS Logistics is in line with the requirements of the European Union. The standard is applicable to all types of transport: Delivery by road, rail, sea or air; frozen, refrigerated products or products handled under environmental conditions (different aggregate states: liquid, solid or gaseous).

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The QS test mark stands for tested quality assurance for fresh food - from the farmer to the shop counter! Whether meat and sausage or fruit, vegetables and potatoes - foods with the QS test mark have a precisely documented and controlled curriculum vitae. Thus the path of a beef steak from the animal keeper via the slaughterhouse and the butcher to the supermarket or in the case of apples and tomatoes from the producer via the wholesaler to the food retailer is clearly traceable.

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In the Animal Welfare Initiative, companies and associations from agriculture, the meat industry and the food retail trade have jointly set themselves the goal of promoting more animal-friendly and sustainable meat production. In the future, too, they want to offer consumers pork and poultry meat of outstanding quality and great variety, while at the same time making animal welfare an even stronger basis for their actions.

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Since 1.9.2000, indications of origin have been required for every piece of beef marketed in the EU. All market participants, i.e. slaughterhouses, cutting plants, wholesalers, food retail chains, butcher's shops and agricultural direct marketers are obliged to do this. Since 1.4.2015, indications of origin for pre-packaged pork, sheep, goat and poultry meat have also been mandatory for end consumers and suppliers of communal catering services. To this end, all stages involved in production and processing up to the point of sale must work hand in hand and ensure that this information chain functions properly.

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The regional window is a declaration field and contains only statements on origin and the proportion of regional agricultural ingredients / raw materials, the place of processing and optionally on the preliminary stages of the agricultural production of the product. The neutral control institution commissioned is also named.

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This standard serves as the basis for VLOG to grant a license to use the "Ohne GenTechnik" or "VLOG geprüft" seals. In addition, it supports companies in developing a risk management system.

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